STEP is entrepreneurship training for youths and young adults. STEP develops young people’s skills, knowledge,
and confidence to pursue an entrepreneurial career. In the training, the students learn step-by-step to start their
own businesses. This provides them with an effective means of creating jobs for themselves and other people in
the community.

Why is STEP important?

STEP provides an answer to adverse labor market conditions and limited employment opportunities. STEP students
learn to create their own jobs by starting and running a business. A key benefit is that the students learn to take charge of their professional future. Through the training, the students become more proactive and independent, which supports them in overcoming the extreme unemployment rates among youths in many developing countries. Unemployment and poverty are inextricably intertwined. This is the point where STEP seeks to make a difference.

The approach by STEP is supported by researchers and politicians alike. Politicians and researchers ranked fostering
entrepreneurship among the top priorities of their agendas to alleviate poverty. Entrepreneurship is a main driver of
economic development and wealth creation. Entrepreneurs have the potential to boost the economy and contribute
substantially to new job creation. Against this background, entrepreneurship training, such as STEP, is a main leverage for a successful bottom-up strategy to increase the number of entrepreneurs and accomplish politicians’ agenda.

STEP at GO Uni: Registration for Students: 7th  October 2019 – STEP training starts: 12 October 2019


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