Directorate of Legal Unit 1
Professor Nick A. Obodo
Director, Directorate of Legal Unit


  1. Professor Nicholas A. Obodo——————– Director
  2. Professor Chigozie Ogbodo———————- Member
  3. Barrister Mrs. Uju Nnebedum——————– Member
  4. Barrister Dr. Geoffrey Omeh——————— Member
  5. Barrister Cyril Nkolo—————————— Member
  6. Mr. Samuel C. Ndema—————————– Member
  7. Barrister Mrs. Nnenna Ozougwu—————– Secretary


A Passion for Justice as Go-University’s Success is our Commitment!


  1. Ensuring that all legal matters concerning Godfrey Okoye University and its group of institutions are well taken care of.
  2. Advise the University Management on legal matters.
  3. Development of a well-structured and acceptable Condition of Service which will protect the rights of the both parties, that is, employer and employees of Godfrey Okoye University.
  4. Ensure that all disciplinary actions on students are backed in law as well as in line with the prevailing rules governing the university and its group of institutions and as maybe prescribed in the student handbook.
  5. Ensure that the outside societies do not trample on the rights of Godfrey Okoye University and its group of Institutions.
  6. Stand as the University’s Attorney
  7. Organize workshops and seminars from time to time to educate both staff and students of Godfrey Okoye University and its group of Institutions on legal issues, for example; legal issues relating to contracts, fundamental human rights, law of wills and other issues.


  1.  Ensure that MOU and lease documents are reviewed and renewed as appropriate and in consonance with the prevailing laws of the land.
  2. Generate revenue through legal activities that maybe carried out by the Directorate as it would act as Agent for the lease as well as sale of properties for deserving communities.
  3. Ensure that prompt legal actions are taken by the University Management in determining the fate of staff indiscipline in line with the prevailing rules and laws of the University.
  4. Carry out any other functions that may be assigned to the Directorate either by the Management.