In line with the National Universities Commission directive and in keeping with the Godfrey Okoye University culture of epistemic dialogue, the University has established a Centre for Research and Entrepreneurship studies to serve our students and staff.

The Centre for Research and Entrepreneurship Studies of Godfrey Okoye University began operations with the appointment of a Director in November 2012. 


                                                          Prof Dr. Emmanuel Nnanyelu Adinna  (Director CERS)


In times of economic hardship and attendant high unemployment, the university’s commitment to the survival of its graduates means that they must be versatile in their economic lives. They must not only achieve professional proficiency in their respective specialties but also develop other avenues both for existence and for leisure activities. This is the relevance of Entrepreneurship Studies to the students.


The mission of the unit is to lead students and staff through teaching and guided practices to avail themselves of economically self-sustaining activities capable of employing more labor than oneself.

Vision: to produce graduates capable of sustaining themselves and employing other workers.

Programme Content

The programme has two fronts: – the academic and the practicum. The first is covered through the existing General Studies courses at the 200 level and additional courses being added by the NUC at the 300 level. The second front is the practicum, which is handled by activities of the Centre for Research and Entrepreneurship studies.

Responsibilities and Services

Our activities are directed towards:-

1. Science and Technology research

In this direction, we have the following key areas:

Construction and remodeling of excavating machine.


  1. Construction of fuel-less electric keke napepe
  2. Cosmetology
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Car wash
  5. Dish wash
  6. Herbal detergents
  7. Insecticides
  8. Antiseptics
  9. Odour control
  10. Balms
  11. Hair cream
  12. Bleach
  13. Paint production.


Making of beads for different social functions

  1. Skill Acquisition:-
  1. Fashion and designing
  2. Metal fabrication and welding
  3.  snacks and fast foods preparation
  1. Agriculture
  1. Fishery
  2. Snailery 
  3. Giant cassava investigations.


 Core Staff 

1. Director: Professor E.N Adinna Bsc, Phd, PGDE, (Director)

2. Akadile Nnenna L. (Secretary)                                  

3. Nwonye Sabinus Nnedu      (Administrative officer)

Other members of staff are based on need and are invited as the needs arise. These include lecturers, artisans and day labourers.  

Special Information, Achievements and Training:

To achieve its objectives, the core staff of the directorate undertook training sessions to qualify as trainers and equally coordinate activities with external bodies that have entrepreneurial skills.

1. The Director attended a train -the-trainers session organized by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency, Nigeria (SMEDAN) for NUC and hosted by the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), University of Ibadan. The consultants came from International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development, BOPAL, Ahmedadbad, India.

2. Mr. Sabinus Nnedu and Nnaedozie Orji attended the trainers’ workshop sponsored by the Federal Government at the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Enugu Centre to qualify to organize and train people in various crafts.


Entrepreneurship Outreach Centres

The directorates provide outreach stations for our students to train in a variety of skills where there are specialist training equipment and other facilities. This program enhances the university town and gown ideal by bringing industrialists closer to academia.


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