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F. C. Emene
Director of Sports


Inter-Faculty Football Tournament (2021/2022)

The 2021/2022 inter-faculty football tournament was a success. The faculties were drawn in two groups as follows;.                     A                  B        

                               Law               NAS

                               Education       MSS

                                 IEcE            ARTS

The competition was keenly contested. In the end, the faculty of Management Sciences emerged the champion. Awards were given to the champion, runner-up, best player, most disciplined faculty and the highest goal scorer.

Directorate of Sports 2

Monthly General Fitness Exercise

It is a tradition in the university to organize a compulsory General Fitness Exercise Programme on every first Saturday of each month. The programme involves road-walk, musical aerobics and dance activities. The 3 hours programme starts from 7a.m_10a.m.

In the evening (4pm – 6pm) students are allowed to engage in their respective sports and

games activities.

Directorate of Sports 3


The maiden GOUNI Marathon was held on 15 November, 2022. The theme was *Inspiring and Uniting Nigerian Youths”. The event kicked – off from Hon. Justice Cordelia Chukwurah Convocation Arena, Thinkers Corner, Enugu and ended at Hon. Tambulwal Arena, Gouni Main Campus, Ugwuomu – Nike, Enugu (a distance of 21km). It was an open event and a total of seven hundred and Eight (708) persons’ registered while Six Hundred and Twenty Five  (625) participants were successfully accredited to participate. Award prizes for both male and female were as follows;

1st                  1,000,000,00

2nd                  200,000,00

3rd                   100,000,00

4th                     50,000,00

5th.                     20,000,00

6th _20th              10,000,00

Star winners:

Male category:.                  Names                      Position                   Time                   State

                                     Tosin Adedeji                        1st                           Ogun

                                     Keffas Williams                    2nd                         Plateau 

                                     Soudi    Hamadjan                 3rd                   1.10..18.49             Cross River

                                     Amara Clinton                       4th                           Imo

                                     Akande Quadiri                      5th                           Osun

Female category:.   Names                             Position                          Time                 State    

                                      Agofere  Charity                  1st                             1.17.06               Delta

                                       Aruna   Awawu                  2nd                            1.20.58               Lagos

                                       Esther Afigbo                     3rd                            1.22.42               Enugu

                                       Helen  Haman                     4th                            1.24.79               Abuja

                                       Shaibu Yetunde                   5th                            1.30.10                Osun

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Activities started at 8a.m. Turn-out was impressive. Activities on the D-day included inter-hostel, volleyball and basketball competitions. Inter – level football competition and Badminton, chess, scrabble, and card games. Other activities included musical aerobics and dance, tug-of-war, and simple games activities. Prizes were awarded and participants were well entertained. Injured participants were given first – aid treatment before taken them to the university Clinic.

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