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Lady Jane Ndukwe

Director, Student Mentorship and Parent Relations

Welcome to Godfrey Okoye University Directorate of Student Mentorship and Parent Relations. This directorate was established in March 2022 to coordinate all mentorship and parent relations programmes in the university.


Our University Mentorship programme incorporates all academic and senior administrative members of staff of the university as mentors to our students, offering them support in finding their way around in the university community and expanding the mentee’s professional network. For an effective mentorship experience, each mentor is assigned not more than five mentees. Our mentorship programme is holistic, designed to guide the mentee in the academic and personal development through the process of synergizing, enlightening and intersecting with the aim of shaping the student for future opportunities.


Our Parents Forum is designed to maintain open lines of communication with parents. Relevant pieces of information on the activities, rules and regulations of university are passed on to parents while enquiries and concerns from parents are duly addressed in a timely and courteous manner.


To provide unbiased personal and professional guidance to students for the advancement of their educational and personal growth. To connect parents to the university community and promote a healthy interchange.


To see students build capacity and professional network for career advancement. To see parents become stakeholders and committed in the progress of the university.


The fusion of parents, students and mentors in achieving developmental milestones and professional excellence must be pursued at all levels.


  1. To build confidence and independent thinking in the students
  2. To expand the student’s professional network and choices
  3. To ensure mental wellbeing of students
  4. To gain parents’ commitment as stakeholders in the progress of the university.
  5. To improve the student population of the university

For enquiries and possible collaborations with the Directorate, please contact us on 08066038421 or send an email to


Inauguration of GOUNI Parents Forum EXCO Members

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The Original aim for setting up the Parents Forum of Godfrey Okoye University Enugu is to help the university tackle its infrastructural development challenges

Correspondent Godwin Umeh reports that the Vice Chancellor of the university, Reverend Father Professor Christian Anieke gave the explanation during the inaugural visit of the executive of the forum.

Reverend Father Professor Anieke said the most attractive thing to the university is infrastructure and urged the forum to be careful in planning its programmes and ensure they conform to the plans of the institution.

He said the main campus of the university at Ugwuomu Nike is for expansion, stressing that the management would not abandon the Thinkers Corner Campus of the institution. Read more


On Friday 2 December 2022, the Directorate of Student Mentorship and Parent Relations and Admissions Unit of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu, had a meeting to discuss team building, its importance in achieving goals and building a formidable team that will serve our students and parents better. This idea came after my interview with Alan Williams on ValuesJam.

It was an enlightening session for us all. I believe that having such sessions with our various teams will facilitate personal development and team spirit.

Watch the video to get the full scoop.


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At the Directorate of Student Mentorship and Parent Relations, we are constantly connecting with students and parents.

Often times, a student walks into the office not quite sure where she’s going with her programme of study. When I ask the question, “who chose the course?” she will look at me and respond, “my father or my mother.” Hmmm! As parents, we ought to help our children discover their innate gifts and encourage them to run with these in order to express the best versions of themselves.

“A man’s gift makes room for him…” – Proverbs 18.16

A student came to see me this week. She looked sad and frightened. She was not doing well in her studies. She was one of the students forced by her parents to study a course different from what she had originally wanted.

During our discussion, she mentioned how she once wanted to join the Army and be a Journalist. That was her dream but her parents did not support this dream.

She could not see any future for herself. The sadness in her eyes was painful to see.

I am now working with her in the Directorate. Our aim is to help her rediscover herself, give her back her voice and confidence to dream again. We help each student to find his or her REAL self and chart a path that aligns with who they are. These are early days but there’s hope. After a few interactions, our student smiled, looked me in the face and said, “I want to have an NGO for mother and child one day.” She wants to dream again. She wants to try new things. She wants to be somebody.

The growth of our students is our concern!

Highlights of Parents’ Forum Meeting and Election for new EXCO Members

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On Thursday, 17 November 2022, the Directorate of Student Mentorship and Parent Relations held her 2022/2023 Academic Year Parents’ Forum meeting and Election for new EXCO Members at Peter Mbah Auditorium.

This meeting was started after the registration of members at 12noon.   After observing due protocols, the Vice-Chancellor of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu, Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Dr. Christian Anieke, declared the meeting open with a welcome address. Thereafter, the outgoing Chairman, Chief (Sir) Bartholomew Okofar, gave his valedictory speech and score cards. At this juncture, the Vice-Chancellor called for interactions from parents in the auditorium and those, online. Many questions were asked, which were duly clarified by the Vice-Chancellor and Bursar, Mrs. Modesta Egiyi. Read more

Highlights of the meeting of Executive Members of Parents Forum for GOUNI and IECE organised by the Directorate of Student Mentorship and Parent Relations on the September 15, 2022 . Our Vice-Chancellor, Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Christian Anieke is very supportive and appreciative of our efforts.

Highlights of the Gender Workshop for Student Affairs Officers and Hostel Moderators organized by the Directorate of Gender Equality on Saturday 9 July 2022.





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