Ours is a support arm of the administration in the University. It is our duty to ensure that matters concerning the areas listed are handled efficiently and effectively.
In Public Affairs, we manage the image of the University and handle the external and internal publics. We deal with the press and ensure that the University is portrayed in the best possible light. Protocol and Reception of University visitors, provision of accommodation facilities and logistics are few of our responsibility in Public Affairs. We take our responsibility very seriously especially in areas of Corporate Social Responsibility.
We impact our neighbor positively to encourage symbiotic relationship between the University and the host community.
In Projects arm we receive, proposals from the office of the Vice Chancellor, we cost and assess the viability of such projects and advise the Vice Chancellor accordingly. Major projects at our Ugwuomu Campus like landscaping are also being handled by the Projects office.
In Services, this is an open-ended area. It includes everything the Vice Chancellor wants done which are not under the preview of any other directorate. Sometimes we team up with others units to accomplish the job assigned. 
We work with the students in matters of conducts too. The Transport unit of the University falls under the supervision of Services. We ensure that all University vehicles are in working condition and are ready to move at anytime. Those requiring maintenance are handled by the best technicians (mechanics for that particular brand of vehicle.
We are responsible for office space allocation and also equipping the office.

Dr. Patricia Allison