GOUNI Vice Chancellor Charges Academic Community to Find Solutions to the Problems of the Country at GOUNI 12th Matriculation

GOUNI Vice Chancellor Charges Academic Community to Find Solutions to the Problems of the Country at GOUNI 12th Matriculation

A poem by Edward Hirsch which laid hold of the loss and despondency in human history ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic was captured by the Vice Chancellor, Godfrey Okoye University, Rev. Fr. Prof. Christian Anieke in his speech at the 12th Matriculation ceremony of the University:

“You’re sitting at a small bay window

in an empty café by the sea.

It’s nightfall, and the owner is locking up,

Though you’re still hunched over the radiator,

Which is slowly losing warmth.

Now you’re walking down to the shore

To watch the last blues fading on the waves.

You’ve lived in small houses, tight spaces-

The walls around you kept closing in-

But the sea and the sky were also yours.

No one else is around to drink with you

from the watery fog, shadowy depths.

You’re are alone with the whirling cosmos.

Goodbye love, far away, in a warm place.

Night is endless here, silence infinite”.

Prof. Anieke pointed out that the pandemic brought a palpable sense of loss in the foreground of human consciousness as captured by the Poet.

However, the pandemic did not put a stop the 12th Matriculation of Godfrey Okoye University which held on the 7th of May, 2021 at the Honourable Justice Chukwurah Convocation Arena of the Thinkers’ Corner Campus of the university. 

It was a great sight to behold as new students who made the right decision to take Godfrey Okoye University as their best choice of institution made their pledge and declared their loyalty to the University.   

In his speech, Rev. Fr. Prof. Christian Anieke noted that computer scientists should use their ICT knowledge to solve problems of insecurity; psychologists to find solutions to mental problems, while Mass Communication scholars are to seek ways to resolve the issues of fake news. He admonished Accounting and Economics students to suggest ways to end lack of skills in cryptocurrency economy, scholars of International relations, Management and Marketing to find new faces of international business while those studying Law are to carry out more research in environmental and cyber laws as well as cryptocurrency regulations.

The Vice Chancellor while enumerating the score card of the GOUNI in just its 12 years of existence said that the university emerged first in many areas of human endeavours, stressing that Godfrey Okoye University does not prepare students to be job seekers but creators. He made it clear that the institution had zero tolerance to indiscipline, indolence, moral depravity, aggressive behaviour and drug consumption.

GOUNI Scorecard:

  1. The first university in Nigeria and Africa owned by a single Catholic diocese, the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.
  2. One of the first three universities to receive the NUC permanent licence after three years of probation with a provisional licence.
  3. The best private university in the Southeast of Nigeria and one of the fastest growing private universities in Nigeria.
  4. The private university in Nigeria with the best campus radio (2016) 5.
  5. The first Nigerian university to make the General Studies programme Use of English’ a three Year programme.
  6. The first university in Nigeria to introduce town-and-gown assembly.
  7. The first university in Nigeria to start the STEP (Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion) for the entrepreneurial and financial empowerment of students.
  8. The first Nigerian university to offer scholarships to students from each of the 19 Northern states to encourage national integration and development of all parts of Nigeria.
  9. The first university in Nigeria to establish a well organised Scholarship Board with an annual.
  10. Budget of 150 million naira 10. The first university in Nigeria to establish a DNA Learning Centre in collaboration with the Coldspring Habor Laboratory in New York, USA
  11.  The first university in Nigeria to establish a Liaison Office in Germany.
  12. The first university in Nigeria to attract a College of Practical Skills and Start-Up Projects for Youth Empowerment in Nigeria.
  13. The first university in Nigeria with two natural lakes on campus with indescribable tourist attractions.
  14. The first university in Nigeria to establish a Directorate of Ethics.
  15.  The first university in Nigeria to be recognised by the Austrian Government as a dependable development partner
  16. The first Nigerian university to introduce the April Project Month for all students to enhance their entrepreneurial and professional development.
  17. The first Nigerian university to translate important terms in Biological Sciences into Igbo
  18. The first Nigerian university to introduce mentorship programme for all students, whereby each student has a mentor who is a member of staff of the university.
  19. The first Nigerian university to introduce a certificate programme in Nanny Education to provide well-trained nannies for Nigerian families
  20. The first Nigerian private university whose staff member has been appointed a Catholic Bishop in the person of Bishop Ernest Obodo, the Auxiliary Bishop of Enugu.
  21.  The first university in Nigeria and West Africa to mount an international short course on biotechnology and biosafety (in July 2018).

Over 600 hundred students were admitted into the five faculties; Management and Social sciences, Natural and Environmental Studies, Education, Art and Law Faculty and into various under graduate programmes of the university. The ceremony also witnessed the matriculation of Post Graduate students into the School of Post Graduate Studies of the University (SPGS).

The Director of Academic Planning of GOUNI, Rev. Sr. Prof MarySylvia Nwachukwu in her speech announced the introduction of new programmes into the School of Post Graduate Studies of the University (SPGS):

Faculty of Management and Social Science (FMSS)

  • Accounting-Ph.D
  • Mass Communication – PGD & M.Sc.
  • Political Science-Ph.D

Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences (FNAS)

  • Microbiology- Ph.D

Faculty of Arts

  • English and Literary Studies-M.A., Ph.D

Faculty of Education

  • Biology Education M.Ed.
  • Chemistry Education M.Ed.
  • Computer Science Education M.Ed.
  • Mathematics Education M.Ed.& Ph.D
  • Measurement & Evaluation- Ph.D Physics Education M.Ed.
  • School of Post Graduate Studies (SPGS)

Existing Programmes Available Faculty of Management and Social Science (FMSS)

  • Accounting – PGD BMSC
  • Banking & Finance-FGD & M
  • Economics PGD M.Sc.
  • International Relations- PGD & M.Sc.
  • Management- PGD & M.Sc.
  • Political Science PGD & M.Sc.
  • Public Administration- PGD & M
  • Psychology- M.Sc.

Faculty of Natural and Applies Sciences (FNAS)

  • Biotechnology M.Sc.
  • Computer Science – M.Sc.
  • Microbiology- M.Sc.
  • Physics-M.Sc.

Faculty of Education

  • Curriculum Development M.Ed.
  • Language Education M.Ed.
  • Measurement & Evaluation- M.Ed.

The Director of the recently instituted Godfrey Okoye University Scholarship Centre for Commerce and Industry enlightened the new students on the activities of the centre and what they stand to gain as students of the university; which include, earning and learning, access to grants and loans for businesses, entrepreneurial training and mentorship on international business, import and export ideas and opportunities, employment before graduation, internship and job opportunities and so much more. He noted that the Centre already has partnerships and available industry operators where students’ research will be funded by the industry operators. He applauded the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Anieke on the idea of the GOUNI European Business Park at Ugwuomu Campus of the University and added that the Park will be a free trade zone for Enugu residents and boost international business and partnerships.                                                                                                              

Present at the matriculation ceremony were Principal Officers of the University, Deans of Faculties, Directors of Directorates and Centres, Heads of Departments and Programmes, distinguished guests, Academic and non-Academic staff, parents and guardians of matriculating students and students of Godfrey Okoye Group of institution.

Highlights of the ceremony, were presentation of scholarship certificates to over 120 students from the six geo-political zones of the country; rendition by the University music group; goodwill messages from the Pro Chancellor and Chairman, GOUNI Governing Council, Prof. Christian Nwachukwu Okeke, the Director, Centre for Advocacy and Substance Abuse, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board representative, Mr. Johnson Adebiyi and the Chairman of the GOUNI Parents Forum, Chief Sir B. E. Okafor, (KSG).

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