GOU Pledges to Sustain Excellence in Education!

GOU Pledges to Sustain Excellence in Education!

During a ceremony to conclude the 2023-24 academic session, our esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Reverend Father Professor Christian Anieke, addressed staff and students with a powerful message on the essence of education. He highlighted that a university’s excellence is measured by the capacity of its students to add value to society.

Special praise was given to our computer science students for their outstanding achievements. As the Vice-Chancellor eloquently stated, “A university degree is more than passing exams. It is about equipping graduates with the requisite skills to find solutions to society’s problems.”

Godfrey Okoye University has been proactive in its roles, conducting impactful research, teaching, and serving humanity. Our DNA Learning Centre proudly partners with the Enugu State Government in forensic analysis, paternity tests, and scientific research on agricultural and health issues.

In our ongoing commitment to excellence, efforts are underway to make our Teaching Hospital one of the best in the country, ensuring top-notch research and medical services.

Important Dates:

Non-final year students will begin their long vacation on Saturday, June 29th, and return on October 4th.

A thanksgiving Holy Mass for our final year students will take place on Sunday, June 30th.

GOU Pledges to Sustain Excellence in Education! 1

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