Enugu Deanery Celebrates 2024 Cathedraticum

Enugu Deanery Celebrates 2024 Cathedraticum

Enugu Deanery Celebrates 2024 Cathedraticum 1

Today marked a beautiful gathering of love, solidarity, and trust as Enugu Deanery came together to celebrate the 2024 Cathedraticum at the Holy Ghost Cathedral, Ogui Enugu.

Correspondent Jude Ezike of the GO Uni Radio 106.9fm Enugu reports that during a moving homily, Most Rev Dr. Ernest Obodo, the Auxiliary Bishop of Enugu Diocese, commended the parishioners for their overwhelming turnout despite the economic challenges facing our nation. He emphasized the importance of prayer and optimism in the face of adversity, urging Christians to remain steadfast for a better tomorrow.

Bishop Obodo highlighted the growth and blessings within the Enugu Diocese, expressing gratitude for the birth of new dioceses and parishes. He stressed the significance of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer during Lent, encouraging everyone to avoid temptation and sin.

Enugu Deanery Celebrates 2024 Cathedraticum 2

The Cathedraticum symbolizes trust and solidarity for our Bishop, reminding parishioners to give material possessions and offer themselves in service to God.

We are proud to announce that Enugu Deanery emerged 1st among other deaneries with a generous donation of 88 million naira, showcasing our commitment to supporting our faith community. Additionally, Godfrey Okoye University and its affiliated institutions secured 1st place among parishes, contributing 23 million naira towards our collective mission.

Enugu Deanery Celebrates 2024 Cathedraticum 3

The event was also marked by heartfelt presentations of cash donations and food items to the Bishops by various parishes in the Diocese, further exemplifying our spirit of generosity and compassion.

Let us continue to uphold each other in prayer and service as we journey together in faith. God bless Enugu Diocese!

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