Directorate of General Studies 1
Dr. Patricia Ukachi Allison
Director, Directorate of General Studies

The General Studies Division is an integral component of academic support unit of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu. It is headed by a professor who functions as the Director with supporting administrative staff and non-teaching staff. Lecturers bring additional experience and academic support.

The directorate of General Studies Division came into existence in 2009 with its pioneer director as Prof, Richard C Okafor. At take off in 2009, the Division started with 250 students, 1 secretary, 2 non-teaching staff and 9 teaching staff. But as of today, the number of teaching staff stand at 26 with over 3,000 students.

In 2012, the leadership of the Division changed and Prof. Romanus Egudu became the second director of the Division. He held the post until when he handed over to Prof. Eugene Nwadialor. Prof. Onyema Ocheoha took over the leadership of the Division in 2019.  Prof Chidi C. Uhuegbu became the director of the Division on 31st January, 2020.

The General Studies programme comprises courses which cut across the faculties and academic departments in the University and runs through the entire academic session of the University. It is therefore comprehensive in nature and as a result, facilitate students’ intellectual diversity and academic versatility, to stimulate their intellectual curiosity, and to demonstrate the essence and significance of “Unity of Knowledge’’ and epistemic dialogue and philosophy of Godfrey Okoye University.

The National Universities Commission (NUC) in 1989 approved minimum academic requirements for general studies in all Nigerian universities. As a result of this, general studies courses became compulsory for all courses/programmes in universities and each student is expected to pass these courses before graduation.

Mission Statement

The directorate was created on the philosophy of ‘’Universalism’’ rather than ‘’Particularism’’ that is producing graduates with knowledge outside their area of specialization.

Aims Objectives of the general studies programme in Nigerian universities are similar to the visions of National Policy on Education in Nigeria.

According to the publications of National Policy on Education (2004), the aims of the university education are (I) to contribute to National development through high level relevant manpower training, (II) to develop and inculcate proper values for the survival of the individual and the society, (III) to develop the intellectual capability of individuals to understand and appreciate their local and external environments, (IV) to acquire both physical and intellectual skills which will enable individuals to be self-reliant and useful members of the society, (V) to forge and cement national unity,  (VI) to promote and encourage scholarship and community services and (VII) to promote national and international understanding and interaction.

Functions of GST Office

1, General coordination, supervision and monitoring of the teaching of General Studies courses in each of the two semesters per session.

2. Liaising with directorate of Academic Planning Unit for the lecture timetable and examination timetable for appropriate placement of General Studies’ courses.

3. Ensuring mutual cooperation between the unit and the Exams and Records unit for processing of GST results.

4. Monitoring and coordination of the marking of GST examination scripts after each semester examinations.

5. Compilation, vetting and processing of GST results for Senate approval.

6. Attending to students complaints

7. Having meeting with lecturers and coordinators

8. Keeping records of GST examination results.

Courses Taught in the General Studies Unit of Godfrey Okoye University

It is because of the overall epistemic utility of this programme that all the General Studies courses are normally made compulsory for all the students. The general studies courses are taught in two semesters made up first and second semesters in a session as shown below:

First Semester

GST 101- the use of English I, GST 105- introduction to Computer Science, GST 121- use of Library and study skills, GST 103- introduction to philosophy and Logic I, GST 201- peace studies and conflict resolution, GST 203- introduction to Entrepreneurship studies, GST 205- communication in French, GST 211- use of English III, GST 311- the use of English V and GST 411- Advanced use of English

Second Semester

GST 102- the use of English II, GST 104- Nigerian peoples and culture, GST 106- Computer application, GST 108- Philosophy and logic II, GST 202- Moral reasoning and ethics, GST 204- History and philosophy science, GST 206- Advanced entrepreneurship studies, GST 212- use of English IV and GST 312- use of English VI

GST courses for Institute of Ecumenical Education

First Semester

GSE 111-General English I, GSE112- Introduction to library Studies, GSE 113- Basic general maths I, GSE 211- General English II, GSE 212- Basic general maths II, GSE 213- introduction to Computer II and GSE 322- Basic general maths III

Second Semester

GSE  – English II, GSE  – GSE Maths,  GSE – Health emerging and planning, GSE – Citizenship, GSE – Ecumenism, GSE –Political Economy and GSE – Science and Tech