Directorate of Entrepreneurship (DOE) 3

Amb. Christopher Chidiebere Uwakwe

Director, Directorate of Entrepreneurship (DOE)

Welcome to Godfrey Okoye University Directorate of Entrepreneurship (DOE). The DOE is saddled with the responsibility of promoting entrepreneurial programs across Godfrey Okoye University and its group of institutions.


Entrepreneurship is a process that involves the identification and exploitation of business opportunities for the purpose of providing products and services. It is a solid means for poverty alleviation, eradication of youth unemployment and combating insecurity. The Directorate of Entrepreneurship is poised to make this process a culture by creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem across all facets of Godfrey Okoye University and its group of institutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurial ecosystem in Godfrey Okoye University that would facilitate dialogue along with the development of talents, skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

Our Vision

The vision of the Directorate of Entrepreneurship is to make Godfrey Okoye University the prototype of a symbiotic entrepreneurial relationship between the Corporate Organizations (Town) and University (Gown).

Our Goals

  1. To use the Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) and the Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP) symbiotically to turn our students from job seekers to job creators.
  2. To provide evidence-based training using the action-principles of STEP to teach students how to start and run a business.
  3. To equip our students with the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills for national enterprise competitions.
  4. To promote entrepreneurial dialogue within the university community through seminars, workshops, conferences, and the media.
  5. To engineer the diffusion of entrepreneurial ideas across faculties and departments in the university.
  6. To provide the entrepreneurial ambience for the Town and Gown
  7. To build alliance and network with relevant stakeholders (industry, government, entrepreneurs, parents, alumni and other directorates).
  8. To build the capacity for accessing national and global entrepreneurship intervention programs.

We are online and ready to interact.



Phone: +234 806 685 3799