Directorate of Culture and Cultural Dialogue 1
OZO Dr Ferdinand Anikwe KSJI JP
Director, Directorate of Culture and Cultural Dialogue


The Directorate of Culture and Cultural Dialogue, is in charge of all the programmes of culture in the University. It arranges the process of the emergence of the students traditional Ruler and traditional council.


  • It encourages the unity in Nigeria s Cultural diversity, dismantling and disproving, the ethnic cleavages, falsely compounded by The Nigerian Political Class.
  • The Amity in Cultural Diversity and Dialogue in The University, is strengthened by Religious and Epistemological Dialogues to produce a properly grounded product of a unique University, which is our ideal.
  • In all these efforts of working to encourage a balanced Cultural Dialogue, renewal and refocused enquiry, Godfrey Okoye University, partners with traditional institutions, all other cultures in the University, recognizing all cultural and language groups, including other international Cultural groups


The highpoints of the cultural programmes, is observed during the student’s Cultural week, during which time, several cultural products are on display. The exquisite Cultural events are informative, educative and entertaining. Food fair, clothing patterns and styles, cultural parades, musical displays of indigenous dimensions, masquerades and different dances etc. are always in abundance for the delight of our University staff and students, including our invited guests.