Directorate of Alumni Relations 1

Rev. Sr. Dr. Blessing Okoro


The duties attached to the Directorate of Alumni Relations and its group of Institutions

  1. Coordinating all activities of alumni association
  2. Maintaining records of all alumni of the university and its Group of Institutions.
  3. Making recommendations for the university recognition or awards to outstanding alumni
  4. Ensuring alumni participation in university programmes
  5. Collaborating with alumni association to organize alumni homecoming
  6. Ensuring that the alumni association branches are effective
  7. Carrying out any other functions related to alumni members and associations of the university

The Mission

The mission of the Directorate is to open channels of communication between the university and its group of institution and the alumni, to provide them with the optimum careers guidance and counselling and to provide the graduates with the necessary training that will enable them to respond actively to the labour market requirements. The aim is to set mechanisms to maintain contact between the alumni, the university and its group of institution.

The Vision

  • Our Directorate aspires to sustain a lifelong and mutually beneficial collaboration and to promote a strong relationship between the alumni, the University and its group of institutions.

Our Goals

  • Strengthening bonds of fellowship and cooperation between the alumni.
  • Fostering the sense of loyalty among the alumni towards Godfrey Okoye University and its group of institution.
  • Helping the alumni to find job opportunities that benefit their fields of specialization.
  • Holding training courses for the alumni to develop their skills and professional competence so as to find good jobs.
  • To promote cultural, academic, and literary advancement of its members.
  • To create and reinforce lifelong intellectual, professional and personal connections among its members and to serve Godfrey Okoye University and its group of institutions.
  • Build relationship and a sense of friendship among students and alumni and to engage alumni and students.
  • Our goal is to bring former students together to maintain a connection with our University and our graduates.
  • To create Networking opportunities and offer career advice, to develop Alumni digital ambassadors. Become a bridge between Alumni, current and incoming students.

The objective of the Alumni Relations is to provide a forum and platform to foster, encourage and build the sense of belonging among the members of the alumni, the present students, the staff and management of the University with the common goal of development.

The Concept

The Concept of the Directorate is to encourage alumni to organize social events and raise funds for the University and its group of institution and to provide a variety of benefits and services that will help the old student association maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates.

The purpose of Alumni home coming is to foster a sense of community among alumni, while supporting a sense of connectedness back to the institution and to establish and renew friendship and acquaintances.

Why Alumni Should Give Back

Giving back with our money and our time helps to support the next generation of students and alumni. When we give back to our University and institutions that money goes towards research, scholarships, and new facilities among other things. It helps to increase the status of the university, making it a better place.

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