Industrial Chemistry


4 Years

Understanding and exploitation of nature, synthesis of new materials essential to the enhancement of the quality of life, and surge in and sustenance of economic and technological progress have benefitted immensely from chemistry.

The degree programme in chemistry therefore should aim to:

  1. Build in students a culture of continuing enquiry
  2. Provide students with a broad and balanced base of chemical knowledge and practical skills.
  3. Develop in students a range of skills applied in chemical and non-chemical areas that can provide confidence for employment.
  4. Provide students with a solid base of chemical knowledge and skills that are required for postgraduate studies and research

Inculcate in students an appreciation of chemistry in all human endeavours

Admission into the faculty is through the national unified tertiary matriculation examination (UTME) for which candidates must have suitable score in the year for the year for which they are applying for admission.


Entry Requirements.


Candidates must possess a minimum of five (5) credits at not more than two sittings in the SSEC, NECO or equivalent certificates. These must include English and mathematics and the pre-requisite combination of courses for the desired programme of study, details of which are obtained from the departmental requirements.

Candidates who are seeking admission by direct entry should, in addition to credit level passes in mathematics and English, possess any of the following:

  1. GCE advanced level in two subjects relevant to the programme of study
  2. Higher school certificate
  3. National diploma in the relevant area
  4. Nigerian certificate in education


Candidates  for Direct Entry  admission  shall  possess  five  credit passes in  the SSCE, NECO, GCE  or equivalents of which at least two shall be at  advanced  level , or  four  credits  passes  of  which  at  least  three  shall  be at  advanced  level  provided  that  such  passes  are  not  counted at  both  levels  of  the examinations.  For emphasis credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or any other subject. All students must fulfil the basic entry requirements of the university. The programme’s duration is four years for general entry students and three years for direct entrants.

Deg  1 CHM  101 General Chemistry  I 3
Deg  1 CHM  103 General Chemistry Practical  I 1
Deg  1 BIO  101 General Biology  I 3
Deg  1 BIO  103 General Biology Practical  I 1
Deg  1 PHY  101 General Physics  I 3
Deg  1 PHY  103 General Physics Practical  I 1
Deg  1 MAT  101 Elementary Mathematics  I 3
Deg  2 CHM  211 Physical Chemistry  I 2
Deg  2 CHM  231 Organic Chemistry  I 2
Deg  2 CHM  233 Practical Chemistry  I 1
Deg  2 BCH  201 General Biochemistry  I 2
Deg  2 MAT  201 Mathematical Methods  I 2
Deg  2 PHY  231 Thermal Physics 2
Deg  3 CHM  301 Chemical Literature 1
Deg  3 CHM  311 Physical Chemistry  III 2
Deg  3 CHM  313 Electrochemistry 2
Deg  3 CHM  321 Inorganic Chemistry   II 2
Deg  3 CHM  331 Organic Chemistry   III 2
Deg  3 CHM  341 Analytical Chemistry 2
Deg  3 CHM  351 Macromolecular Chemistry 2
Deg  3 CHM  361 Process Science 2
Deg  3 CHM  363 Glass Blowing & Practical Chemistry 1
Deg  3 CHM  365 Petroleum Chemistry 2
Deg  3 CHM  367 Material Science 2
Deg  3 NAS  392 Research Method in NAS 3
Deg  4 CHM  411 Reaction Kinetics 2
Deg  4 CHM  431 Organic Synthesis 2
Deg  4 CHM  433 Natural Product Chemistry 2
Deg  4 CHM  451 Macromolecular Chemistry  II 2
Deg  4 CHM  453 Colour and Textile Chemistry 2
Deg  4 CHM  461 Environmental Chemistry 2
Deg  4 CHM  463 Chmistry of Industrial Processes 3
Deg  4 CHM  465 Management and Chemical Industry 2
Deg  4 CHM  467 Food Processing Technology 2

Careers under this field include:

Chemical Plant Supervisor

Laboratory Attendant


Laboratory/Sample Analyst


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