Gouni Biochemistry

4 Years

The Chemical Sciences programs are designed to provide our students with a sound understanding of the principles governing the composition structure, property and the reaction of matter as the related to the living and non living world or substances.

The use and application of the scientific method go hand with the study of chemical sciences.


  • To provide students with a broad and balanced foundation of biochemical knowledge and practical skills.
  • To develop in students the ability to apply knowledge and skills to solving theoretical and practical problems in biochemistry.
  • To develop in students a range of transferable skills that is of value in biochemical and non-biochemical employment.
  • To provide students with knowledge and skills base from which they can proceed to further studies in specialized areas of biochemistry or multi-disciplinary areas involving biochemistry.
  • To provide, through training and orientation, an appreciation of the solutory rewards of inter-and multi-disciplinary approach to the solution of complex life problems.
  • To generate in students an appreciation of the importance of biochemistry in industrial, economic, environmental, technological and social development.
  • To instill in students a sense of enthusiasm for biochemistry, an appreciation of its application in different contexts and to involve them in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of the learning and studying.

Admission into the faculty is through the national unified tertiary matriculation examination (UTME) for which candidates must have suitable score in the year for which they are applying for admission.

Entry Requirements.

Candidates must possess a minimum of five (5) credits at not more than two sittings in the SSCE, NECO or equivalent certificates. These must include English and mathematics and the pre-requisite combination of courses for the desired programme of study, details of which are obtained from the departmental requirements.

Candidates who are seeking admission by direct entry should, in addition to credit level passes in mathematics and English, possess any of the following:

  1. GCE advanced level in two subjects relevant to the programme of study
  2. Higher school certificate
  3. National diploma in the relevant area
  4. Nigerian certificate in education


Candidates  for Direct Entry  admission  shall  possess  five  credit passes in  the SSCE, NECO, GCE  or equivalents of which at least two shall be at  advanced  level , or  four  credits  passes  of  which  at  least  three  shall  be at  advanced  level  provided  that  such  passes  are  not  counted at  both  levels  of  the examinations.  For emphasis credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or any other subject. All students must fulfill the basic entry requirements of the university. The programme’s duration is four years for general entry students and three years for direct entrants.


1ST Semester              


Course Code              Course Title                                                Unit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

CHM 101                    General Chemistry I                                        3

CHM 103                    General Chemistry Practical I                         1

BIO 101                      General Biology I                                             3

BIO 103                      General Biology Practical I                              1

PHY 101                     General Physics I                                            3

PHY 103                     General Physics Practical I                             1

MAT 101                    Elementary Mathematics I                                3

GST 101                      Use of English I                                               2

GST 103                      Logic and Philosophy I                                    2

GST 105                      Introduction to Computer Science                  1

GST 121                      The Use of the Library                                     1

                      Total                                                                 21


2nd Semester              


Course Code              Course Title                                                 Unit

CHM 102                    General Chemistry II                                            3

CHM 104                    General Chemistry Practical II                             1

BIO 102                      General Biology II                                                 3

BIO 104                      General Biology Practical II                                  1

PHY 102                     General Physics II                                                3

PHY 104                     General Physics Practical II                                 1

MAT 102                    Elementary Mathematics II                                    3

GST 102                      The Use Of English II                                          2

GST 104                      Nigeria People & Culture                                     2

GST 106                      Computer Application                                          2

GST 108                      Logic & Philosophy II                                           1

                       Total                                                                    22



1ST Semester              


Course Code              Course Title                                          Unit

BCH 201                     General Biochemistry I                                2

BCH 203                     Laboratory Principles& Procedures            2

CHM 231                    Organic Chemistry   I                                   2

CHM 211                    Physical Chemistry I                                    2

CHM 233                    Practical Chemistry I                                   1

BTG 201                     Statistics for Biological Sciences                2

BIO  201                     Genetics   I                                                   2

MCB 201                    General Microbiology I                                  2

GST 201                      Peace Study & Conflict Resolution            2

GST 203                      Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Development                                               2

GST 205                      Communication in French                          2

GST 211                      The Use of English III                                  1

Total                                                           21                               



2nd Semester              


Course Code              Course Title                                          Unit

BCH 202                     General Biochemistry II                                2

BCH 232                     Metabolism of Carbohydrates                      2

BCH 242                    Biochemistry Techniques                             2

CHM 222                    Inorganic Chemistry I                                    2

CHM 242                    Spectroscopy                                                1

CHM 234                    Organic Chemistry II                                      2

MCB 202                    General Microbiology II                                   2

STA  202                     Statistics for Sciences                                  2

GST 202                      Moral Reasoning & Ethics                            2

GST 204                      History & Philosophy of science                   2

GST 206                      Advanced Entrepreneurship

Development                                                 2

GST 212                      The Use of English IV                                   2

Total                                                             23


1ST Semester              

Course Code              Course Title                                                      Unit

BCH 301                     General Biochemistry Methods                                2

BCH 311                     Enzymology                                                              2

BCH 321                     Metabolism of Lipids                                                 2

BCH 331                     Metabolism of Amino Acids & Proteins                    2

BCH 333                     Metabolism of Nucleic Acids & Porphyrins              2

BCH 335                     Membrane Biochemistry                                          1

BCH 339                     Bioenergetics                                                           1

BCH 341                     Analytical Techniques & Instrumentation                 2

MCB 335                    Immunology and Immunochemistry                          2

Total                                                                        18



2nd Semester              

Course Code              Course Title                                                       Unit

BCH 372                     Students Industrial Work

Experience Scheme (SIWES)                                 6

BCH 374                    Seminar  on SIWES                                                  6

NAS 391                     Research Methods in NAS                                       3


 Total                                                                          15


1ST Semester              

Course Code              Course Title                                                          Unit

BCH 411                     Advanced Enzymology                                                2

BCH 421                     Food and Nutritional Biochemistry                               2

BCH 423                     Clinical & Medical Biochemistry                                   2

BCH 431                     Tissue Biochemistry & Biophysical Chemistry            2

BCH 433                     Plant Biochemistry                                                        2

BCH 451                     Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering                       2

BCH 453                     Industrial Biochemistry                                                  2

BCH 461                     Environmental Biochemistry  & Toxicology                   2

BCH 463                     Seminar in Biochemistry                                                2

Total                                                                              18                                            




2nd Semester  


Course Code              Course Title                                                           Unit

BCH 422                     Pharmaceutical Biochemistry                                        2

BCH 432                     Biosynthesis of Macromolecules                                   2

BCH 434                     Metabolic Regulations                                                    2

BCH 442                     Bioinorganic Chemistry                                                  2

BCH 444                     Advanced Biochemical Methods                                    2

BCH 446                     Biochemical Reasoning                                                 1

BCH 462                     Comparative Biochemistry                                             2

BCH 479                     Research Project                                                            6


Total                                                                19

areer opportunities for a biochemistry graduate include:

  • Analytical chemist.
  • Biomedical Scientist.
  • Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry.
  • Clinical research associate.
  • Forensic Scientist.
  • Physician associate.
  • Research scientist (life sciences)
  • Scientific laboratory technician

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