2023 Global Entrepreneurship Week

2023 Global Entrepreneurship Week

2023 Global Entrepreneurship Week 1

The Directorate of Entrepreneurship at Godfrey Okoye University Enugu is thrilled to announce the theme for the 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW): “Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and Networking for Sustainable entrepreneurship.” The event will serve as a platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and students to come together, exchange ideas and explore the vital role of innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) and networking in promoting sustainable entrepreneurship.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week is a significant annual event celebrated worldwide, bringing together aspiring and established entrepreneurs, policy-makers, educators, and various stakeholders. The 2023 GEW theme reflects the changing landscape of Entrepreneurship, where innovative technologies, particularly AI, have become central in shaping the future of business and startups.

Interestingly, the 2023 GEW keynote address will be delivered by a distinguished and innovative young entrepreneur, Hon. Obi Ozor – the Honourable Commissioner of transport Enugu state. In addition, our key facilitators are coming from the innovation and startup unit of the Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW).

The 2023 Global Entrepreneurship Week hosted by the Directorate of Entrepreneurship, promises to be an engaging, enlightening event that will empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and resources to thrive in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship. Together, we will explore the limitless possibilities the innovation, artificial intelligence and effective networking offer for building successful and sustainable businesses.

Our objectives for the 2023 GEW are:

1. Promote Innovation

2. Harness AI with its potentials

3. Networking for success

4. Showcase success stories

For inquiries, partnership and participation, please call the number on the official flyer.

Join us in celebrating innovation, embracing AI, and building the networks that drive sustainable entrepreneurship.

Meeting ID: 830 7782 0439
Passcode: 134780