Sports is an integral part of a general education. That is why in all institutions of higher learning, a sports Directorate/Unit is created to cater for the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of students.

In Godfrey Okoye University, the Sports Unit is divided into two major sections:

a) The Administrative Section is in-charge of administrative matters including representation

of the university in state and national inter-collegiate events. A Director of Sports heads this

section and advises management on all matters relating to students and staff sports.

The unit also serves as the secretariat of the University Sports Committee which is the sports governing

body of the university. Members of the Sports Committee include: The Vice Chancellor or his nominee,

Dean of Students Affairs, Bursar, Director of Physical Planning, Director of Public Affairs, Medical Officer,

Student Sport Coordinators and the Director of Sports- as Secretary.

b) The Technical Section is in-charge of organizing and coaching various games and athletics

including physical fitness exercises. Sports activities in the university include football,

basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess, scrabble, karate and athletics. A coach is in-charge

of one or two activities while the Director of Sports directs and supervises all activities. It is

the responsibility of the coaches to prepare students for intramural, extramural and inter-

university games.

Unit Direct Contact:

Director of Sports – Emene Felix C.

Phone: 08065698821

E mail:

Head of Technical Section: Ossai Sebestine

Phone: 08034165964