GOUNI Journal of Entrepreneurship Studies and Sustainable Development

GOUNI Journal of Entrepreneurship Studies and Sustainable Development


The Centre for Entrepreneurship Studies, Godfrey Okoye University is instituting a peer review journal- Go.Uni Journal of Entrepreneurship Studies and Sustainable Development for an international readership

You are invited to submit your articles for publication in the journal. The journal is published twice a year. The maiden edition comes out at the grand finale of Godfrey Okoye University tenth Anniversary celebrations in November 2019.

The journal deals with current issues and practices in entrepreneurship studies from the whole range of Arts and the Humanities, Natural, Management, Social and Environmental Sciences as well as from other entrepreneurship related public and private individuals. Submission is reviewed for quality and adherence to the following conditions.

  1. Article size should not be more than 16 pages including an abstract of not more than 300 words on its own page
  2. Submissions should be on a double line spacing font size 12 in Times New Roman character on one side of an A4 white paper.
  3. Comprehensive in-text reference (Surname, Year) and end of text reference following the APA modified 6th edition with publisher before the place of publication. Thus:
  • Authored text:

Adinna, E. N (2001) Environmental Hazards and Management. SNAAP Press, Enugu.

  • Edited text, Magazine, Journal

Adinna, E.N. (2003) “The Tropics in” Environmental Pollution and Management in

  the   Tropics’ “in Adinna, E, N; Ekop,O.B and Attah, V.I. (eds) Environmental

                 Pollution and   Management in the Tropics. SNAAP Press, Enugu. Pp 1- 9.

  • Journal references should not carry publishers or editors
  • Direct quotations should indicate the source page (s) – ( Author: Surname, year, page(S)
  • All group authors of an article should have their surnames in the first mention in   the body of the work while other references or mentions of the same group for the same article /work will be covered by mentioning the first author  surname followed  by et al
  • Normal English Language style and spelling are recommended
  • Co-authored works should clearly indicate the nature of the contribution of each member with a clear E-mailing address of the main author for correspondence
  • Send your contributions to any of the following addresses – emma.adinna@gmail.com or nnennypaul@gmail.com, enadinna@gouni.edu.ng, nakadile@gouni.edu.ng with a vetting fee of ₦3000( three thousand naira) only payable to:

Account Name – Godfrey Okoye Uni Centre for Entrepreneurship Studies

Account Number –   1016308490

Bank –                     Zenith Bank, Enugu

Submit evidence of payment with the article to be peer reviewed

  • Articles accepted for publication and properly corrected should reach the editor within two weeks of acceptance with a publication fee of ₦30,000 or105.dollars to the above bank account
  •  After two weeks of action from you and you don’t receive any response, please call:  08033332689 or 08068822225.

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