CENTRE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA STUDIES


                                                                           Igwe (Dr.) Edward Nnaji e-Library Complex

                                                                       A THREE-MONTH CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME

                                                       (WEEKEND PROGRAMME – FRIDAY EVENINGS & SATURDAYS)


The Godfrey Okoye University Centre for Social Media Studies is a digital media and information technology education centre with the mission to breed digital scholars for the advanced digital world of social media. The world is changing faster with social media applications (apps) taking over the normal conventional ways of communication. There is the need for Africa to embrace the use of these apps for effective business communication and marketing as well as participants taking up career opportunities in social media networking.


Breeding digital scholars for the changing digital world


Our vision is to exist as a world class digital training centre for the African society, pioneering and engineering the use of social media.


Week 1: Introduction to Social Media

·        What is Social Media

·        History of Social Media

·        Types of social media platforms

·        Social Media verse conventional media

·        Benefits of social media

·        Social media and business promotion.


Week 2: Introduction to Facebook (Beginners)

·        Identify how Facebook is Word of Mouth Online

·        Setting up a Facebook Business Page Correctly

·        Outline the differences between a Facebook Profile, Group & Page

·        Explore the 3 types of Facebook Posts (Organic, Viral & Paid)

·        Selecting an appropriate Cover Photo & Profile Photo

·        Prepare how to write a professional business description

·        Explore the best Practices for Posting on Facebook (Includes uploading images & inserting links. E.g. Adding presentations & videos,

·        Select the steps on how to build your page audience

·        Administering your page,

·        Customizing without coding,

·        Newsletter sign ups

·        Feeding your blog to your Facebook page,

·        Building brand awareness

·        Introduction to Facebook Analytics

Week 3: Facebook (Intermediate/Advanced)

·        Explore Facebook Admin Panel

·        Relevant third party applications for business pages

·        Identify Facebook Competition Rules & running competitions

·        Identify the different types of Facebook Advertising

·        Select the Steps to Setting Up Facebook Ads

·        Explore Advertising Performance

·        Content that gets results on Facebook,

·        Techniques for building and engaging your fan base,

·        Advanced Analytics

Week 4: Introduction to Twitter

·        How can Social Media marketing help your business

·        How does Twitter work

·        Setting up a Twitter profile for your business

·        Customising your Twitter profile

·        Understanding Twitter Terminology

·        Following & Followers

·        Download the Twitter App onto Smartphone

·        Best practices for tweeting

·        Using the video service Vine

·        Using Bitly.com Link Shortening Service

·        How to use Promoted Tweets and Accounts

·        How to join in the conversation on Twitter (Hashtags)

·        Analytics on Twitter

·        Video and live streaming on Twitter

Week 5: Introduction to LinkedIn

·        Identify the reasons for using LinkedIn

·        Identify the steps to complete a LinkedIn Profile

·        How to Create & Build Connections

·        Explore LinkedIn Company Profiles

·        Identify LinkedIn Engagement Practices

·        Joining Relevant Groups

·        Video on LinkedIn

Week 6: YouTube, Google+ & Business Blogs

·        Explore the benefits of using Google+ & YouTube

·        Identify the steps to setting up a Google+ Profile

·        Completing a YouTube Channel

·        How to Upload Videos on YouTube

·        Optimising Videos on YouTube

·        Best Practices for setting up a Business Blog

·        Blogging Tips

·        Each of the modules above can be delivered as a standalone training programme.

·        Live streaming on YouTube

Week 7: Introduction to Instagram, Tumblr

·        Explore the benefits of using Instagram

·        Identify the steps to setting up a Instagram Profile

·        How to Upload Videos on Instagram

·        Optimising Videos on Instagram

·        Each of the modules above can be delivered as a standalone training programme.

·        Explore the benefits of using Tumblr

·        Identify the steps to setting up a Tumblr Profile

·        How to Upload Videos on Tumblr

·        Optimising Videos on Tumblr

Week 8: Introduction to WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype & Viber

·        Explore the benefits of using WhatsApp

·        Identify the steps to setting up a WhatsApp Profile

·        How to make calls/video calls on WhatsApp

·        Using WhatsApp Status Bar to promote business

·        Privacy Settings on WhatsApp

·        Explore the benefits of using Telegram

·        Identify the steps to setting up a Telegram Profile

·        How to make calls/video calls on Telegram

·        Using Telegram to promote business

·        Privacy Settings on Telegram

·        Explore the benefits of using Skype

·        Identify the steps to setting up a Skype Profile

·        How to make calls/video calls on Skype

·        Skype Conference Calls and its benefits to business success

·        Explore the benefits of using Viber

·        Identify the steps to setting up a Viber Profile

·        How to make calls/video calls on Viber

·        Using Viber to promote business

Week 9: Digital and Social Media Marketing

·        Introduction to Digital and Social Media Marketing

·        Which Social Media Network is Right for My Business?

·        Social Media Marketing

·        Search Engine Optimization

·        Content Marketing

·        Email Marketing, SMS Marketing

Week 10: Video Creation

·        How to create videos

·        Using video making software

·        Imagery

·        Practical Work

Week 11: Revision and Updates

Week 12: Practical Examinations




FRIDAYS (4:30PM – 7:30PM)       

SATURDAYS (9:00AM – 12:00PM)


1.     Mr. John Kofi Annan – Google Certified Social Media Expert & Coordinator

2.     Mr. Samuel Nnaemeka Okolo – CEO, Virsam Nigeria Limited & Software Developer

3.     Mr. Jerry Guma – Google & IBM Consultant

4.     Mr. Alex Ogbodo – 106.9 GOUNI Radio 


Registration – N3,000

Tuition – N30,000

Certification – N10,000