The Bursary Department of Godfrey Okoye University under the leadership of the

Bursar, Mrs. Modesta A. Egiyi conducts the financial operations of the university,

managing the university’s fund in accordance with approved regulations. The

bursar’s specific responsibilities include:

(1) Ensuring adequate budgeting and controls.

(2) Ensuring that adequate and accurate financial records are maintained for all


(3) Ensuring a proper payroll system keeping.

(4) Preparing the financial accounts of the university and causing same to be

audited annually according to standard practices.

(5) Maintaining appropriate relations with banks holding the university’s

accounts and ensuring that disputed accounts are reconciled.

(6) Maintaining communication with the bursars of other universities to ensure

uniformity of operations, Supervision, control and discipline of all staff of

the Bursary.

Unit Activities and Responsibilities

The Bursary office is responsible of the following:

(1) Treasury/Finance Management

(2) Financial Account/Student Receivables

(3) Budget and Planning

(3) Payroll/Inventory Management